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Our Client Projects Portfolio

Our platform development projects usually span 3-5 years, with clients repeatedly returning. Why? Because we deliver results with quality!



  • Apache Kafka

  • Spark

  • Cassandra

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS




  • Enterprise Information Management

  • Data Collaboration


Through our partnership, Smart360 achieved enhanced data collaboration capabilities and streamlined project management processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.


Client Had:
Smart360 had a robust information management platform with preloaded management frameworks. They provided solutions for enterprise architecture, information security, project management, and various other business processes. Their platform offered features like centralized data repositories, collaborative data handling, reporting and visualization tools, and public data collaboration.


Client Needed:
Smart360 needed to optimize their data processing pipelines, improve real-time data handling capabilities, and enhance integration with various IT tools to better support their users' requirements. They also required a scalable architecture to manage increasing data loads and user demands.


We Did:

  • Implemented real-time data processing solutions using Apache Kafka and Spark, enhancing Smart360's ability to handle streaming data efficiently.

  • Integrated Cassandra for scalable and high-performance data storage, ensuring seamless data retrieval and management.

  • Deployed Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration, enabling smooth application deployment and management.

  • Utilized AWS services to provide a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability and reliability.

  • Enhanced Smart360's integration capabilities with various IT tools via REST API/JSON, allowing seamless data exchange and system interoperability.

  • Conducted thorough testing and optimization to ensure the platform's stability and performance under high data loads.

  • Provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving user needs.


This comprehensive approach enabled Smart360 to deliver superior value to their customers, leveraging advanced data engineering and cloud solutions to stay ahead in the competitive enterprise information management industry.

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  • Scala

  • Apache Cassandra

  • Kubernetes

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Cybersecurity Protocols and Solutions

  • Cloud Security

  • Penetration Testing Tools



  • Cybersecurity


With the expertise and solutions provided by TwoDots, HEROIC enhanced the sophistication and effectiveness of their cybersecurity platforms, offering superior protection to their clients and significantly reducing the number of data breaches and security threats.


Client Had:
HEROIC, a leading cybersecurity firm, specialized in providing AI-driven protection for individuals, families, and businesses. Although they had an already strong AI and big data-driven platform, they faced challenges in scaling their security infrastructure to handle the increasing volume and complexity of cyber threats. Their existing platforms, HEROIC Guardian™ and HEROIC EPIC™, required further advancements to keep up with rapid technological changes and evolving cyber threats.


Client Needed:
HEROIC needed a comprehensive upgrade to their existing cybersecurity systems to improve threat detection, response times, and overall platform resilience. They sought advanced technological support to enhance their data breach scan capabilities and integrate more sophisticated threat intelligence. Additionally, they needed ongoing consultation and support to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous improvement in their cybersecurity posture.

We Did:

TwoDots collaborated closely with HEROIC to deliver a suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions. We leveraged our expertise in artificial intelligence and big data analytics to upgrade HEROIC’s threat detection algorithms, making them more accurate and responsive. We integrated state-of-the-art penetration testing tools to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities across their platforms. Additionally, we provided extensive consulting services to align their practices with the latest regulatory requirements. Through our comprehensive support, HEROIC was able to scale their services efficiently, enhance the security of their data, and offer more robust protection to their clients..



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Cloud Storage Security


  • Cloud Storage Security:

    • AWS,

    • Amazon S3

    • Amazon EBS

    • Amazon EFS

    • Amazon FSx

    • AWS CloudFormation

    • AWS SNS

    • AWS Security Hub

    • Amazon CloudWatch

    • AWS Fargate

    • Amazon DynamoDB

  • TwoDots:

    • Automation testing tools (Playwright, Selenium, Cypress)

    • Java

    • C#.Net

    • Regression testing frameworks (JUnit, TestNG)

    • SpecFlow

    • Cucumber

    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines (Jenkins, GitLab CI)

    • AWS Services (Lambda, EC2, S3)



  • Cybersecurity and Cloud Storage



  • Enhanced the robustness and reliability of Cloud Storage Security's automated malware scanning and DLP solutions.

  • Improved efficiency and reduced the time for deployment and updates of security solutions.


Client Had:
Cloud Storage Security had solutions for antivirus and data loss prevention that were purpose-built to address the growing need for data security in the cloud. Their tools were highly effective at scanning millions of files and ensuring regulatory compliance for clients in various sectors such as insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Although they had strong technology, manual testing processes were consuming significant time and resources, and there was a need to scale up their deployment processes efficiently due to increasing customer demand.


Client Needed:
The client needed comprehensive automation and regression testing services to streamline their solution updates, deployments, and ensure robust functionality for their antimalware and data loss prevention tools. They sought to reduce manual efforts, increase testing coverage, and ensure quick identification and resolution of any bugs or issues.

We Did:

TwoDots provided an end-to-end automation and regression testing solution for Cloud Storage Security. We implemented automated test scripts using Selenium and Cypress to cover all critical functionalities of their antivirus and DLP solutions. Our regression testing frameworks, JUnit and TestNG, were integrated into their CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab CI, ensuring that every code update was thoroughly tested before deployment.


In addition, we leveraged AWS services to simulate real-world cloud environments, allowing for more accurate testing and quicker feedback loops. This included the use of AWS Lambda for serverless testing functions and Amazon EC2 instances for scalable test execution. Through our collaboration, Cloud Storage Security was able to significantly reduce their deployment times, quickly roll out updates, and maintain the highest level of security and compliance for their clients.

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